None of the people I know in China are bothered at all about the style of their government, really, they just live their lives.

Honestly, after growing up in the UK I’m totally used to everyone moaning about politics for one reason or another. My whole life it’s just been one long argument between people that are left, or right, and there’s never been a time where all of my friends and family agreed on everything enough to just be content.

Is this an honest question or are you fishing for stories of bogus oppression and suffering of people in China??

Having grown up in the Uk, and then having the chance to experience life in China also, there’s a massive difference in how much of a presence the government has in daily life. For one, in China the vast majority of people fully support their leaders, and with good reason because their quality of life is getting better. In the UK, most of the time the population is divided as to who they support, so everyone is not content and quality of life is not really getting any better either, in some ways it’s getting worse. So in some ways the government of my country has more of a presence in daily life because everyone is watching to see what they will do next, what they will screw up next, certainly this year anyway. The Uk news is full of it, every week there’s a new scandal, another waste of public money, rail fare increases, food banks, tax increases, there’s a plethora of reasons to complain.

My experience of living in China is that in daily life people don’t really have a reason to worry about the government because they are doing their job. I just cannot imagine what it would be like living in England in a time where everyone supported the government, and that government actually worked in the background to improve all the things the Chinese government is improving.